☀☾Life is Beautiful.


❖ I totally want this little guy!!! ❖


A few months ago, I moved to San Fran to live in a van with a friend of mine. I had $300, a guitar, a sick little green suitcase, my pack and pancho, five changes of clothes, not enough underwear and a pair of skate shoes.  We parked near quite neighborhoods, sometimes even in the hood, showering at 24 hour fitness and eating using food stamps and a little propane burner that we kept in our van.  It was rough to be honest. Flat tires, fender benders, and even broken windows and breaking down period. I got robbed, tore a muscle in my knee, ran out of all my money, and quickly realized that my old life in Hawaii was much more pleasant.  But you know what, between the setbacks and hard times we managed to live a dream…
I will not forget waking up next to my favorite skate spots with the homies right there with me. We won’t forget the extremely kind hospitality we received from some of thee most random folks out there. The nights out when we owned that city, and how we overcame every obstacle that was thrown our way will forever be a monument to how two skate rats from Hawaii left what little they had back home to experience a life worth living.  I remember one moment significantly. Skating third and army at 11am, right before the wind gets too out of hand, I realized the best thing possible. I’m living my dream. I have not arrived nor have I accomplished the laundry list of goals I have, but I am on a path I chose willingly and for myself.
Three months later, I am on the road to Long Beach, CA with the love of my life and we stop along the way and snap this photo. There’s so much more to say but I’ll end this essay here.
Don’t be afraid. Life is gonna be tough especially when your giving all you’ve got. It’ll seem like it’s all over more than once. Some days will be gloomy and others you will cherish forever. I did not get this far on my own and I will never forget that. Live crazy. Do what you feel and think later. I’m on an adventure and I love it.

Were doing it. Proud of this kid.